Back to the roots…

…and that literally. Anyone who thinks that all other advertising opportunities have now been crushed by the World Wide Web is greatly mistaken. Because where many companies withdraw headlong from the print media, they leave behind a large void that offers opportunities for other companies.

And we took up this opportunity. Use our concepts in postal marketing and build up your customer network in the classic way with post-phone calls. A marketing opportunity that takes place on a personal basis and guarantees maximum effectiveness through direct contacts. Because with postal advertising you have exactly two controlled advantages: you know who you are contacting and you can choose exactly your target group.

When investing in postal advertising, you can be very variable and start with a low budget. Amopers OHG will be happy to advise you in detail on postal advertising.

  • Exact selection of target groups
  • Rapid establishment of a customer network
  • Self-determined budgeting also in the lower range
  • Highly effective, as postal advertising is on the decline for many companies
  • The internet is saturated and mail advertising is experiencing a revival