The content matters

At Amopers OHG we rely on a content-based website. Where many companies proclaim the simplicity of websites through cheap online offers, the focus is on the success of a website.

In the modern programming world, the framework itself is already easy to get and easy to install. Your website could be created within hours. And further?

The WWW has become immense, diverse and sometimes overwhelming in an uncontrolled manner. To emerge can be a mammoth task if you do without professional advice and support. There is no single standard – every project is individual and always has to be analyzed and designed exclusively from the ground up on a case-by-case basis.

Our agency would like to add added value to your website and develop a strategy that will convince potential customers in terms of both content and appearance. Our advice is based on your actual goals. The concept developed from this flows directly into the creation of the website, which is combined with individual programming that is professionally tailored to your needs. In addition, the symbiosis between search engine-optimizing content and convincing advertising is developed.

At Amopers OHG you will receive all source and work data on request and at no additional cost after completion of the order.

We attach great importance to the satisfaction and success of our customers, not to dependency!

  • Individual advice and support
  • Installation of a content management system including responsive design support
  • Own concept and content development, no copies
  • Individual and exclusive programming on request
  • Handover of all data after completion
  • Further maintenance possible on request