Without detours to the goal

Amopers OHG offers complete advertising management for your companies. This means that all advertising tasks, such as the CI and USP development, are carried out from a single source. We also accompany you with all photographs, foiling, print media, merchandising products, sales and mailing campaigns

We support you from planning to publication. Each of our services naturally includes intensive and success-oriented advice. The advertising agency Amopers attaches particular importance to realizable concepts and weighs up which measures make sense for your project. The profit is of secondary importance for the advertising agency, because the simple philosophy applies here: „If your customer earns more, you will participate accordingly“.

The budgeting of your project is basically calculated in advance and discussed with you. We refrain from going it alone, surprising invoices or recalculations if there are no changes. The handover of the graphics and programs created can also be handed over to you at no additional cost upon request after the project has been completed.

  • Competent advertising from a single source
  • Exclusive CI and USP development or takeover
  • Takeover of external tasks, such as photographs, foiling, print media, merchandising, sales and mailing campaigns
  • Customer budget-oriented service
  • All development and print data are transferred directly after completion